Complete Film Festival Calendar 2023

All dates for your 2023 Film Festival Tour

Each year new great movies are coming to life on the screen. They inspire and entertain us. They let us think better about the world or confront us with the harsh reality of it (e.g. White Tiger). Most of us are watching them via a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon, sky, or Hulu. But most movies start their journey not on our laptop, not even in the cinema. Instead most filmmakers send their movie to different film festivals throughout the year to gain awards and publicity. This is what we all know from the trailers. When a smart producer places all the awards on a screen, that the film has won.

The Power Of The Dog – Awards

Sundance Film Festival opens in the year 2023 with a lot of great movies but there are more Film Festivals througuht the year. I´ve listed some of the most important Festivals from different countries to watch out for.

If you are looking for the next greaat movie, these festivals will guide your way. E.g. The Power Of The Dog, or You were never really here aired in different festivals before their theatrical release.

Film Festivals 2023

Have a great Time and enjoy the wonderful movies to come in 2023!

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