You have made it here, which means you have a curious mind.

Why Mr. Movie DNA?

One of my favourite movies is Jurassic Park and in an iconic scene the owner of the Jurassic Park, John Hammond introduces his opening show to his guests. A bunch of scientists who have visited his Isla Nublar for a test run of the soon to be opened park. In this show Mr. DNA is explaining how the dinosaurs were cloned, that later on will try to eat their spectators.
This funny little cartoon is informative and adds a comedic touch to this movie.
Since the essence (the DNA) of this site are movies the name is quite fitting.
By the way, I did not came up with the idea on my own, a friend gave it to me.

Why should I listen to you?

You shouldn´t. Movies are not something than can be explained. As every piece of art it can only unfolds its true meaning inside the mind of the audience.
The more open your mind is, the more meaning you will find in every frame of the work you are experiencing.

My goal is to give you a view inside my mind, and the connections I make when I am watching a movie. Many times when I was disapointed by a movie, or didn´t unterstand why it was so highly praised, talking to a good friend about the movies elements, structure and camerawork helped me to either understand it, or to see the crumbly facade behind the shiny cover of the production.

I hope to inspire some readers to see more than they have before and to be an open minded experiencer, than a passive viewer when they go to the theatres.

It is fun to talk about movies, about meaning and opinions and many times, movies gave me the advise I needed, when a close friend was out of reach to talk about with.

Best regards,