5 powerful reasons why you should read about movies

Why you should read about movies

Analysing the pure existence of this movie blog

David Lynch being asked about people who tell him his films don´t make any sense.

1. Personal interest

When I was growing up I was not a strong reader. My parents were afraid that I was falling behind in school and my grades in spelling were terrible. It wasn´t until I was 14 that I finally started reading more than just children’s picture books.
But what I was always keen about were movies. Movies that I connect to my childhood were The Fifth Element, the secret of my success, Suburban Commando, and many others.
For me, movies have been the place where I got my life lessons from. They told me how to behave and how to act in certain situations. I learned to stay curious, to follow my dreams, and to treat people with respect, because otherwise, it will come back in the end. (Karma!)
After my reading skills awakened my writing followed. I wrote poems, short stories, and longer stories, but most of the time I could finish my projects in just a couple of days.

2. Reading about movies is less time consuming

So there is love for movies and writing on one hand, and on the other is that movies have to be seen. During my day it is not always easy to watch a movie, to dive into it, hear the sound that somebody mixed for me, feel the emotions on the faces of the actors. When I was working in a movie theatre I had permission to watch every movie that was screened. Everyone, including popcorn! For free! It was the best job ever but during my shifts, I could not do anything more than sit at the counter and listen to the sounds hammering through the walls until my shift was over.
That´s when I started reading my first movie magazine. (“Ray” published in Austria)
In a situation where you cannot WATCH a movie, it is still wonderful to READ about it.
And therefore you will be able to read my blog on a crowded train on your smartphone. In just a few minutes of calmness before the next rush of guests will come through your restaurant door. Whenever your need for artistic images overthrows you, read and enjoy.

3. Reading is more precise than watching

Why don´t you start a YouTube Channel?

I am sure that movies are best described with movies.
One thing that is typical to a movie is that we only see what the director wants us to see. But we are not the director, we are all different (No I am not). If we look on a big screen, different people will recognize different details in a framed picture, in a face, or in a landscape.
I simply want you to get the clearest idea of my thoughts, without being distracted by moving images, sound, and ads on YouTube. (Which would make me rich, of course, but I will have to find another way for that.)
Especially because most of the time my reviews will focus more on the character’s actions and development, which are seen throughout the story. And a story is something that can easily be delivered with words.
Look at these channels if you want to learn more about framing and camera techniques.

4. It gives a greater understanding of the movie.

Why should I care for a movie after I have seen it?

Many blockbuster movies don´t need any interpretation after they are finished. Maybe you even have Morgen Freeman who is explaining the plot to us.
(Morgan freeman explaining all the plots)
But sometimes it is not so easy to forget what you saw.
In my hometown, we had a cinema that was focusing on arthouse movies. From time to time they would show certain movies that were only allowed in Germany when they are opened and followed by a discussion. The german “Jud Süß”, a propaganda production of the Third Reich which depicts Jews in Germany.
One night they were showing a movie about people who would hurt themselves on purpose in car accidents because they get sexually turned on by machine oil and bodily fluids being combined during the crash. It was quite disturbing and I was pretty glad that we had a discussion afterward to talk about the feelings and fears that developed during this film.

5. There is a lot to write about

What is there to discuss about?

Just some follow up questions:

  • Why didn´t Jack fit on the door in titanic?
  • Why is Tom Hanks in Cast away working at FedEx before he gets trapped on that island and not in a cofee shop?
  • Whats up at the end of Interstellar?
  • Did Captain Hook really shoot someone just because he was playing some music?
  • Which colour would you prefer for your light saber?
  • How did the camera team shoot the wild attack scene in The Revanant?
  • Was Tom Hanks really hanging outside the windows of the ursh al Kaliva in Mission impossible 4?
  • Did Wolf of Wall Street use many CGI sots?

And the big two:
1) Is Tarantino a great director?
2) Nicolas Cage: bad actor or good actor?

Enjoy your next movie!


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